About Pharma-Med

 Pharma-Med is an Egyptian based company with global operations in the Middle-East, Europe, and United states. Currently, we are extending our global footprint to include projects in the Far-East, Japan, and Australia to follow soon.


To be internationally recognized as a set example for a quality medical translation service provider, and have a worldwide impact on medical translation as a science guided by strict policies and standards.


Providing quality medical translation for life science and healthcare industries through complementing the “general” translation cycle with crucial “medical” reviewing steps & providing regional translation flexibility, thus overcoming regulatory compliance challenges.


  • Lust for excellence
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Knowledge
  • Customer focus
  • Unity

Our Team:

  • Pharma-Med’s team of carefully selected translators and project managers are among the highest reputable medically-oriented specialists within the field.
  • Most of our translators are either Master’s or Ph.D. /M.D. holders, and have been subjected to an extensive assessment program demonstrating a mastery or highly-order expertise of a specific field or area of professional practice.
  • Every member of our team has the appropriate training and knowledge to perform a medical translation with outstanding performance and accuracy.
  • Every translator at Pharma-Med has already completed a minimum of twenty-five successful quality medical translations, in compliance with our strict QA policy.
  • ALL of our proofreaders are medical doctors specialized in the field directly related to their assigned project.
  • Every member of our team is under a continuous ongoing assessment.
  • Pharma-Med’s team is one of the finest medical teams you will encounter for a long time to come. We are simply up to your expectations.

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